Learning and Having Fun

While learning to drive horses yesterday, there was also a lot of time for fun. Laughter at good jokes, watching the hillside and learning about the landscape, seeing a redtail hawk hunting, and exploring the back part of the farm.

Quieter Time

The time between Christmas and mid January is highlighted by the relative quietness at Merck Forest. Last year’s apprentices have left, and we are awaiting the arrival of new apprentices. The forest is often muted by snow (which may melt and then return several times before we get into the much colder days of January …

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The Wind Returns

It’s usually fairly breezy here at Merck in all the seasons. The land around the farm especially seems to funnel the air’s movements. But, come this time of year, with the trees barren of leaves, the wind really starts whipping. The gusty weather really dictates what we can do on the farm: what kind of …

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Fall Foliage Hikes

 Fall foliage is here! The leaves on the sugar maples are beginning to turn hues of yellow, red, and orange. Oak leaves are deepening their hue, red maples are a blaze of green-tinged red, and soon the beech will morph into their fall suit of yellow. As the leaves change colors and successively begin to …

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Pig on Pasture

If you are looking for the Merck piglets after this week, you won’t have much luck looking in the Small Animal Barn, their home since they were born two months ago.  Instead, take a peek down Discovery Trail. You’ll catch them rummaging around, rooting up insects and plants, and munching on all sorts of piggy …

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Reading the Landscape

We often talk about “reading” the landscape. How can you look at forest and understand some of the many natural interactions that take place every day? Often, it is so easy to walk a trail and not even notice what is happening around you. Take, for instance, a walk I took with Patty the new …

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