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Benefits of Forest Management

Management practices at Merck Forest include: Timber Sales: production of saw timber, fuel wood and the leasing of logging sites Production of Maple Syrup, Vermont’s traditional alternative to commercially-produced corn syrup sweeteners. Wildlife Habitat Management & Biodiversity: enhancing habitat and forage opportunities for game and non-game species Clean Water and Carbon Sequestration: A well-managed forest …

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Quieter Time

The time between Christmas and mid January is highlighted by the relative quietness at Merck Forest. Last year’s apprentices have left, and we are awaiting the arrival of new apprentices. The forest is often muted by snow (which may melt and then return several times before we get into the much colder days of January …

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Being sustainable is not always black and white

Merck Forest, as an education non-profit, is always seeking ways to let members and visitors know what programs, events, and activities are happening here at the farm and forest. As an organization that strives to be sustainable, MFFC struggles to find the most environmentally-friendly ways to publicize the programs, events, and activities.We are constantly looking …

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Merck Field Trips

Over the last few months, Merck staff members have been visiting other farms and education centers to tour around their sites and meet with program staff. By making these efforts, we hope to identify different aspects of their educational and agricultural programs that could help inform our work and perhaps provide a little inspiration. The …

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