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Benefits of Forest Management

Management practices at Merck Forest include: Timber Sales: production of saw timber, fuel wood and the leasing of logging sites Production of Maple Syrup, Vermont’s traditional alternative to commercially-produced corn syrup sweeteners. Wildlife Habitat Management & Biodiversity: enhancing habitat and forage opportunities for game and non-game species Clean Water and Carbon Sequestration: A well-managed forest …

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The Sugaring Process

Currently, the Merck Forest sugarbush* has approximately 3,000 taps with the capacity to scale up as we strike a balance between Profit Energy consumption Landscape impact Staff time In order to model “best practices” in sustainable land use, finding this balance among these elements is an important part of our work. *Sugarbush: a stand of sugar …

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Merck Field Trips

Over the last few months, Merck staff members have been visiting other farms and education centers to tour around their sites and meet with program staff. By making these efforts, we hope to identify different aspects of their educational and agricultural programs that could help inform our work and perhaps provide a little inspiration. The …

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Thank You Interns!

Our current set of interns is moving on.  Meghan, Dena and Martha got a great taste of our farm and forest here at Merck.  They got the opportunity to install a sugar bush, produce maple syrup, work Daisy & Ellie, the draft horses, and see the way our farm runs.  They were great and we …

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