Merck Farmland

Sixty acres, managed using low-impact, ecologically-sensitive practices.

Our story

The 60-acre farm at MFFC is managed with low impact, ecologically sensitive practices. Our animals — pigs, sheep, chickens and horses — are raised according to the highest standards of humane animal management.

Our farm animals flourish in the fresh air and sunshine-kissed grassy pastures, and are moved frequently to new grazing grounds. This practice – a technique known as “Management Intensive Grazing” – mimics healthy natural processes and provides not only the most nutritious natural feed for the animals, but also creates a stress-free living environment for them.

Days a Year to Enjoy the Farm

Farm Products Available For Purchase

Merck Forest and Farmland Center offers a variety of farm products for sale at the Joy Green Visitor Center. Some products are also available at our online store.