Is there potable water near my cabin?
No. All water on the property must be treated by boiling or filtering.

How many people can each cabin accommodate?
The answer varies from cabin to cabin. Click here to check each cabin.

Can you recommend a hiking route?
Of course — here are some of our favorites.

Are dogs welcome?
Yes. Dogs must be leashed in the parking lot, at the VC and on the farm; leashes are suggested (for your dog’s protection) but not required everywhere else.

Where can we trail-ride with our horses?
Any open trail with “Road” in the name is available to you so Old Town, Lodge, Meyer, Hammond, Gallop, East Hollow, Wade Lot … well, you get the idea. Here’s a link to our trail map.

How can I arrange a special tour/wagon/sleighride at Merck Forest?
We are no longer scheduling sleigh rides; for other special services, please contact us at with your specific request.

Does Merck Pharma own Merck forest?
George W. Merck, former president of Merck & Company, Inc., created a private foundation, the Vermont Forest and Farmland Center, and donated 2600 acres from his personal holdings. After Mr. Merck’s death in 1957, the property was re-named Merck Forest & Farmland Center in his honor. The Center has never had any affiliation with the pharmaceutical company.

Is there reliable Cell Service? … what about WiFi?
Cell service is not reliable in the woods; some carriers work well in Dorset, a 10-minute drive away. Guest WiFi is available in the Visitor Center.

Is fishing allowed?
It is possible to fish in season the White Creek at the southern end of the property, with a proper Vermont-issued fishing license.

Is hunting allowed?
Hunting is allowed in season with a valid Vermont-issued hunting license. Please read important rules about hunting on our property here.

May we park at the South Entrance?
Yes. Please use caution navigating the road in. In winter, 4W or All-Wheel Drive and snow tires are essential.

What must we do to be safe as we hike during hunting season?
All members of your party – including your canine companions – should wear blaze orange. The safety zone is clearly marked on maps obtained at the VC, and the edges of the zone are marked on signage in the woods.

What makes MFFC syrup “organic”? Our maple products meet stringent requirements established by NOFA-VT, the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association and the Federal Food and Drug Administration. Requirements range from the cultural management of the sugarbush, the processing of sap into maple products, equipment maintenance, sanitary procedures and documentation. Please check here for a list of requirements specific to the designation of our products as organic.

Shall we bring back our empty syrup bottles?
Thank you, no — we are not equipped to process them for re-bottling syrup. Please recycle them locally.

I have an old wood stove [or insert your object here] that I would like to donate to Merck Forest. How do I go about it?
Thank you for thinking of MFFC. Please send an email with a description and recent photos of your item for donation.

What’s the weather going to be like when I visit?
Well, we’re not weather forecasters and it is New England, so best be prepared for anything. Check current conditions by clicking here.

We’d like to have a Family or Corporate Event at Merck Forest.
Please contact us at with your specific request.