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You enable us to care for a precious regional resource while engendering a sense of environmental responsibility in all who visit — especially young people.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The donation of your time as a volunteer is a wonderful way to show your support of our organization. We organize work parties on the last Saturday of each month through the summer. Join the crew!

The farm has many  ways to engage volunteers: find a volunteer option which will work with your schedule. For certain jobs, volunteers work with Merck Staff until they are proficient, while other tasks are performed as a team.

Horticultural Helpers
Grab a pail and give us a hand with our berry picking: during the summer season, we pick surplus berries and sell them in the Joy Green Visitor Center. One of the tastiest jobs at MFFC, your help frees up staff members for other farm projects.

Hay Bale Heavers
Haying takes a lot of effort, and occurs multiple times through the summer. Volunteers work alongside Merck Staff to put up winter feed for the animals.

Super Stars
Do you have a particular skillset and want to volunteer some time to an area of interest? The farm is always in need of skilled help with slate roofs, general carpentry, gardening, and lawn mowing. We provide materials and equipment.

If you are interested in volunteering for trail work or work in the sugarbush, we have a big property to maintain, with lots of varied opportunities for invigorating outdoor work!

Super Saturday Volunteer Service
On the last Saturday of the month through the summer and autumn, we organize work parties of volunteers for a variety of tasks. Come join the fun!

Day of Service
Our field staff works on trails during the week, depending on the season. Let us know if there is a day you would like to help out and join our field staff on trail. Fall, winter, and spring trail work can involve brushing, logout, erosion control and trail construction and maintenance. During the winter, trail work focuses on keeping trails open for nordic skiing and cabin access.

Trail Scouting
For those enjoying the solo experience, we have “lone wolves” who commit at least 3 hours a month and schedule their time with the trail maintenance coordinator. After signing-in, volunteers head out to scout trails and do some work along the way. For ages 18 and up, this option works best for folks who like solitude and are confident on their own in MFFC’s “backcountry”.

Helping out our Visitor Center staff with grounds maintenance and gardening is a great way to get involved at MFFC.

Grounds Maintenance/Gardening
Calling all green thumbs! The grounds and garden need maintenance early spring to late fall. Rake, plant, weed, and help create a welcoming landscape for all visitors.

Maple Festival – March
Take part in Vermont’s historic Maple Weekend and lend the MFFC staff a helping hand! Volunteer for a few hours mixing batter, flipping sausage, or serving pancakes. At the end of your shift, enjoy a heaping plate full of the delicious breakfast you helped create.

Volunteer Interest

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