Spring Fever


The weather two days ago was absolutely sublime. The sun has been rising higher over the Gallop now and it warms up the air at the farm. While we’ve been getting more days that hint toward spring, yesterday and this morning were a sharp reminder that it is, after all, still winter.


Some areas to our north and east received a foot or two of snow, and just south of Merck snow covered over the freezing rain and ice that fell last night. We’ve been fortunate that so much of the snow we’ve received this year has been the light fluffy stuff. It’s made for great winter backpacking, hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing. Last night’s precipitation was a bit heavier, harder to plow and shovel, but still beautiful.

The snow’s been great for the sleigh rides too. The past two winters have been rather devoid of snow, but this winter has been much more “normal”, in a sense. We may be able to run sleigh rides through the end of March this year (no reservations though for the weekend of the Pancake Breakfast).

Merck Forest in the snow is spectacular. If you’ve not been out this year, come visit before winter melts away.