Lady Autumn’s Paintbrush

Flashes, like glances at midnight fires, amidst endless green pass in the canopy overhead with each hike as the yellows, oranges and reds of September peep into our daily work at Merck Forest.

It’s as if Autumn holds her paintbrush above us and little drops dye the trees before the full stroke of the brush comes through.

In the meadows and pastures, daisies and black-eyed-susans give way to countless radiant goldenrods as far as the eye can see.

The sheep and horses on the farm thicken their coats. The squirrels in the woods rush about for nuts and acorns. The corn and squash in the Children’s Garden ripen through the shortening days. The monarch butterflies, after a long rest in the pastures, arise gloriously from their chrysalises. With a growing chill in the night and mornings accompanied by cool dew, we all start digging out our woolen scarves and know that Fall is at hand.

Apprentice Karl Uy is preparing himself for a life in music, writing and environmental sciences.

4 thoughts on “Lady Autumn’s Paintbrush”

  1. This is great. I think Karl should be given credit within the newsletter so all readers will know that he is a Merck apprentice…

  2. A beautiful description and inspirational prelude to autumn.

    Making plans to visit soon to take in the fresh air and idyllic settings of your earthly paradise.

    John & Maryellen

  3. Lovely prose Karl. Thank you for being present in our absence from MFFC in our absence. Hope to meet you in January when our FF’s descend on Ned’s for our Fabulously Female weekend of Friendship at Ned’s Place…27 years and counting!

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