For the past few weeks, the farm has been working on repairs to the equipment. The RTVs took a beating in this winter’s snow, there is always work to be done on the tractors, and even the horse equipment needs constant looking after. Sometimes it seems like the care for our tools and equipment takes …

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Winter Workshop Two: Who Sticks Around for the Winter

  The second winter break workshop happened today. Snow and sickness dropped our group by half, but the eight participants had a great time learning a bit about backyard birds, and then making their own suet cakes! Each participant got to measure out seeds, nuts, and lard into cupcake tins, which were then placed outside …

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Piglets Get Vaccinated

Yesterday was a milestone for the piglets…they received their first vaccinations. It also is a milestone in the apprenticeship. Nothing makes you think and act more quickly than the high-pitched squeal of the piglets when they get picked up, and the answering (and somewhat threatening) angry grunts and protests from the sow. Peggy Sue, no …

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Learning and Having Fun

While learning to drive horses yesterday, there was also a lot of time for fun. Laughter at good jokes, watching the hillside and learning about the landscape, seeing a redtail hawk hunting, and exploring the back part of the farm.

Quieter Time

The time between Christmas and mid January is highlighted by the relative quietness at Merck Forest. Last year’s apprentices have left, and we are awaiting the arrival of new apprentices. The forest is often muted by snow (which may melt and then return several times before we get into the much colder days of January …

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