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Forest Management

Forest Management at MFFC Forests are dynamic, diverse ecosystems shaped by wind, ice, insects, wildlife, inter-tree competition, rain, soils, and humans. At Merck, part of our mission is to demonstrate sustainable forestry. By managing our forests we can produce forest products and services that benefit us, while positively impacting our forest ecosystems. Here’s an inside …

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Revel in the Rhythm of the Season

Autumn is a time to enjoy the brilliant colors of changing leaves, the fragrance of pumpkin spice wafting in the air, the sweep of gorgeous vistas, and the sounds of animals scurrying about gathering and preparing for the winter to come. Here at Merck Forest, Fern and Arch, our draft horses, have been enjoying the beautiful weather …

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Letters from the Lodge- April 26th

Dear Outside World, Despite the snow today, on April 26th, flowers have finally started to bloom! Since our last foray into blog writing, Peggy Sue gave an outstanding performance delivering her piglets between the hours of 7pm and 7am. We apprentices had the novel experience of collecting the piglets as they were born, cleaning and …

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Be Brave

This afternoon Kathryn and Tom will meet for a second time with team members of Be Brave, a group dedicated to informing, supporting and improving the lives of individuals affected by benign brain tumors and to drive research for a cure. “BE.BRAVE was formed by Riley Callen and Sarah Shehadi in 2015.  Over the past four years …

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