The Birds Are Back

Photo from Cornell Lab of Ornithology (
Photo from Cornell Lab of Ornithology (

It’s official…

Spring is on the march.  On Tuesday, as Kathryn and I came down Old Town Road after doing cabin checks, we heard the first Yellow-Rumped Warbler of the year singing in the top of a yellow birch tree.  I’ve seen robins, bluebirds and common mergansers for the past few weeks, but the arrival of the first blackbirds and warblers is what makes the start of spring “official” most years.  This is the first time I have ever heard a warbler before hearing red-winged blackbirds in the spring.   All I can report, for certain, is my perpetual fascination with these yearly cycles.  The more I notice, the more I notice…

To hear the Yellow-rumped Warbler’s song visit:

twardWritten by Tom Ward