Clark’s Clearing Cabin

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Clark’s Clearing Cabin after its construction in 1972.


The abandoned cabin at Clark’s Clearing is getting a major renovation this summer, thanks to a group of junior high students from Salem, NY. Over the past two weeks, and through the rest of the summer, the group will come up on Wednesdays and work with Ethan (MFFC forester) and Tom (Ex. Dir.) to rehabilitate and rebuild the well-loved cabin in the clearing.

Clark’s Clearing cabin was built in 1972 by a team of girls from the SCA (Student Conservation Assocation). The cabin was in use for nearly forty years until the masonry chimney pulled away from the back wall and cause a partial collapse of the building.

This summer, Tom contacted former executive director, Duncan Campbell, about the reconstruction of the cabin, and when Duncan responded to Tom, he sent along this photo of it, right after its construction. (Incase you are wondering, Duncan is the tall gentleman on the right).

It’s Tom’s hope to insulate the cabin (something that the other cabins do not have!) using insulation that is grown from agricultural waste and fungi, another project we are working on with Ecovative Designs–more on this later.

We’ll keep you posted on how the construction goes…