Fall Foliage Hikes

 Fall foliage is here! The leaves on the sugar maples are beginning to turn hues of yellow, red, and orange. Oak leaves are deepening their hue, red maples are a blaze of green-tinged red, and soon the beech will morph into their fall suit of yellow.

As the leaves change colors and successively begin to fall, the viewshed around Merck Forest opens up. Trails, which in the summer are a wall of green, become a shifting, opening, landscape of color.

Merck Forest certainly has a variety of trails for you to hike. Explore some of southern Vermont’s best in fall foliage! Here are some recommendations (bold trail names indicate the highlighted trails on map):


  • Green Trail: Begin from the Visitor Center and hike up Old Town Road to Antone Road. Just before you reach Clark’s Clearing, turn right onto McCormick Trail, and loop back down to Old Town Road. The views from McCormick Trail get better and better as more leaves fall and the views open to the northwest. Approximately 2.5 miles, moderate difficulty level.
  • Blue Trail: Take in the vista from two of the best points on the property: Viewpoint and Gallop Peak. Starting from the Visitor Center, walk up Old Town Road. Bear left on Lodge Road and follow until you reach Hammond Road. Hammond Road, itself, has several good vantage points! Continue on Hammond until you see the sign for the Barton Trail, which will take you up over the Gallop. Be sure to rest at the small rock outcrop at the top before continuing back to Old Town Road via Viewpoint. Approximately 4 miles; moderate to difficult level due to a short scramble and elevation changes.
  •  Yellow Trail: The Lookout is one of the best-kept secrets at Merck Forest. While the hike, starting from the South Gate, is relatively short, it’s worth the uphill walk. The Lookout stands at the edge of a rock ledge in a dry upland oak forest. Approximate total distance to and from the South Gate is 2.75 miles; moderate difficulty level.
  • Pink Trail: The Master’s Mountain Trail is probably the most challenging hike at Merck Forest. The switchbacks are steep, but if you take the trail all the way to the top, and then continue to the top of Mount Antone, the view is worth the effort. Approximate total distance to and from the South Gate is 4 miles; difficult level.