Register for Hikes & Volunteer Workparties


Here are our upcoming hikes and volunteer workparties — we’re glad that you’ll be joining us. Please indicate how many are in your party. On the Checkout page, please click on the buttons for our Waiver Form and COVID-19 certification, download and print them, and bring them with you.

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  • If you are visiting us from out-of-state, please consult or current regulations regarding your visit.
  • Please download, complete and return our Liability Waiver in order to complete your registration.
  • Registration Fees are Nonrefundable.
  • A “Backorder” notice indicates that the program is full and click here if you would like us to  maintain your contact information on a Waiting List.
Guided Hike & Volunteer Workparties

Volunteer Work Party 4/24, Second Saturday 5/8, Volunteer Work Party 5/29, Second Saturday Hike 6/12, Volunteer Work Party 6/26, Second Saturday Hike 7/10, Volunteer Work Party 7/31, Second Saturday Hike 8/8, Volunteer Work Party 8/28, Second Saturday Hike 9/12, Volunteer Work Party 9/25, Second Saturday Hike 10/11, Volunteer Work Party 10/30, Second Saturday Hike 11/13, Second Saturday Hike 12/12