Merck Farmland

Sixty acres, managed using low-impact, ecologically-sensitive practices.

Our story

The 60-acre farm at MFFC is managed with low impact, ecologically sensitive practices. Our animals — pigs, sheep, chickens and horses — are raised according to the highest standards of humane animal management.

Our farm animals flourish in the fresh air and sunshine-kissed grassy pastures, and are moved frequently to new grazing grounds. This practice – a technique known as “Management Intensive Grazing” – mimics healthy natural processes and provides not only the most nutritious natural feed for the animals, but also creates a stress-free living environment for them.

Days a Year to Enjoy the Farm

Farm Products Available For Purchase

Merck Forest and Farmland Center offers a variety of farm products for sale at the Joy Green Visitor Center. Some products are also available at our online store.

The farm offers pick-your-own blueberries and raspberries during the summer and into the fall (as the season allows). You-Pick hours are 9 am – 3:30 pm during the season. Berries are sold by the pound. Bring your own containers or stop by the Visitor Center to borrow a pint or quart container.

Call ahead for berry availability.

Our pigs are rotationally grazed through paddocks and forest, allowing them to express natural behaviors.

Premium cuts of pork as well as whole and half pigs are available for purchase.

Our lambs are raised on pasture from the day they are born. The Merck Forest flock of sheep is moved to fresh meadows  every two-to-three days.

Premium lamb cuts or whole lambs are available for purchase.

We offer skeins of yarn and sheepskiyarn vermont localns all made entirely of our own flock’s fleece.

Also available on the Online Store.

People from everywhere love Merck’s Vermont-Certified Organic Maple Syrup!

We consistently produce flavorful and delicious syrup in three Vermont Grades – each with unique characteristics and flavors.

Maple Syrup may be purchased in the online store.