What happened to the wind turbine???


If any of you have visited the farm in the past ten years, you’ve probably heard the more or less consistent swish, swish, swish of the wind turbine as the blades rotate in the breeze. The structure has supplied a small percentage of the power here at Merck since it was erected. There were days when the wind blew so strongly that it would reverberate pressure in the air, like you had rolled down the back windows in your car before putting down the front ones, causing your ears to feel a strange pressure. In gale force winds, the turbine would actually stop turning, so as to not lose its blades.

But, as you can see from the image above, the structure no longer has its blades. In April, the turbine started to make a strange noise, and before we could have someone to come out and look at it, we were subject to high winds late on that Friday evening. The blades fell from the turbine. Luckily, no lambs, horses, or people were out or hurt.

But now the turbine stands on the hill, blade-less.

And it probably will remain that way for a few months more…

We are at an interesting point in the organization, contemplating ways to sustainably provide energy to the site. Until ideas and recommendations formulate into a plan for electricity, the turbine will stand quiet on the hill.