Vermont Maple Open House Weekend


It’s running! The sap is running, and just in time for the Vermont Maple Open House Weekend, coming up on March 22 and 23, 2014.

For those of you not from the area, it’s a great weekend to visit Vermont (and if you are on the NY side of the border, New York’s Maple Weekend is happening then as well!).

Many of the sugarhouses in the state, including Merck Forest, are open to visitors during the weekend. The open house is a way to show people the working landscape. In the words of the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, you can “look at how Vermont’s sugar makers are able to take the sap from maple trees and craft something as delicious as pure Vermont maple syrup!”

Many of our neighboring farms in Vermont: Rupert, Pawlet, West Pawlet, Dorset, Manchester, and in New York: Salem, Hebron, Granville, Shushan, and Cambridge, all have seen the sap start to run this last week. You know it’s sugaring season when the pick-ups laden down with a tank of sap run by. Pretty soon, the many sugar houses will have loads of steam billowing from their stacks, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll smell the scent of maple. Hopefully, everyone will be busy during the open house weekend, and visitors will get the chance to stop by several sugar houses. Everyone’s operation is different, but the outcome is always the same: maple syrup!

Merck Forest invites you to stop by Saturday or Sunday for our Maple Celebration and Pancake Breakfast (10 am – 2 pm). We’ll have a variety of activities for everyone, as well as our delicious breakfast.

And, while you are in the area, make a day of it: plan on stopping by several other sugar houses too!

Visit: and to learn more about the weekend.