Snow: Waking This Place Up

A family enjoyed their sleigh ride yesterday.
A family enjoyed their sleigh ride yesterday.

The forest is truly resplendent right now.

Sometimes, especially during the growing season, it is easier to focus on the farm; the activity seems to center more on the animals and the plants. But once that hub goes into its annual semi-dormancy, the forest reclaims a prominent position.

When it is dressed out in its icy, snowy splendor, it’s hard not to awe at the beauty winter can bestow on the woods.

People have been calling every morning for sleigh rides. The parking lot is full with people going snowshoeing and skiing. Families with dogs in tow, some pups wearing sweaters or booties on their paws. Little kids dressed in snowsuits that are so puffy they waddle when they walk and can’t put down their arms.

The snow wakes this place up.

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