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Ease your load, shop from home and support Merck Forest & Farmland Center – all at the same time! If you are in the area, head up to MFFC’s Visitor Center Shop as well, where you will find all sorts of creative gift ideas.

Please consider supporting our efforts to maximize this year’s Annual Fund. The Campaign opened a little over a month ago and we are well on our way! If we can raise $5,000 in online giving between now and Giving Tuesday on November 30, a generous supporter will match the $5,000 1:1. That’s $10,000 that will allow us in 2022 to inspire curiosity, love and responsibility day in, day out, all the time.

Thank you for selecting some gifts and for gifting us at the same time. Your belief in what we do and how we do it is very much appreciated. Make sure to share this form with friends, family, neighbors and your online network.

Help Merck Forest meet our goals and deliver our mission!

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