Plum’s Frolic Through the Woods

Before the Group Sleigh, visitors, a group from Dorset, met Mae and June, the draft horses.
Before the Group Sleigh, visitors, a group from Dorset, met Mae and June, the draft horses.


On Monday morning, during the first Group Sleigh ride of the day, everyone got a little unexpected excitement.

Mae and June were hitched to the sleigh, waiting patiently by the Visitor Center. Colene was on the driver’s seat talking to one of the excited riders, one of a group from Dorset, and Tim was in mid conversation with some of the party interested in the draft horses. Several people were already loaded on the sleigh, ready to go.

Suddenly, the horses put their ears back.

Tim, in his calm, but very insistent voice, asked Colene to “quick, grab the reins”, and she did, without any hesitation.

What was the cause for the alarm? Well, Ms. Plum had come at her quick pig trot down from the farm trail and aimed her snout right in the direction of the sleigh. She gave everyone a sniff (the horses were still unnerved by the swine’s unexpected appearance), and then the sow ambled down the driveway.


At this point Tim had climbed onto the sleigh, and Colene jumped down and asked Amy to go grab from bird seed from the V.C., something to lure Plum back up to the farm. By the time the bird food was collected in a chip bowl, Plum was meandering through the parking lot. One sniff of the seed though and she followed Colene back up the driveway, and along the farm trail to her paddock at the farm.

Plum sniffing the bird seed in Colene's hand.
Plum sniffing the bird seed in Colene’s hand.

The sleigh ride guests had an exciting start to their morning, and further had a great time on the sleigh. All around it was an interesting morning.

Note to visitors: sometimes our animals do escape from their pastures. Something may spook them, or sometimes the grass really does seem greener on the other side of the fence. If you ever see one of the sheep, pigs, or horses out of a fenced-in area, please find a staff member and alert him or her. If you find an escapee after hours, and a staff member is not around, please note that there is a number by the phone outside the caretaker’s cabin for such occasions.