Plans for new berry bushes at the farm

For months Tim has been working on a plan for the farm: one that acknowledges what can grow well on our land, the desire to use draft power, the strengths of educating apprentices, sustainable landuse, a farm that is visitor-friendly, et al.

One component of the plan, which started to go into place a few weeks ago, was the cultivation of land for more berry bushes.

Currently, Merck Forest has pick-your-own blueberries and raspberries during the summer season, but the plan is to extend the growing season (and picking season) with fall raspberry varietals.

The farm also wants to expand the types of berries we offer, and so blackberry bushes will be added too.

The latter are an experiment. We are not sure if we have the best location for blackberries, but the farm staff picked an area up by the old greenhouse, which has a nice, warmer, microclimate. We hope that the blackberries will grow well here.

Emilie and Colene used Ellie to prepare the location for the bushes.