Maple Celebration and Pancake Breakfast, A Success!

Tables full at the pancake breakfast.
Tables full at the pancake breakfast.

It’s been posted on facebook and twitter, but not on the blog…the Maple Celebration and Pancake Breakfast was a great success this year.

There are several months of planning that go into the breakfast: food ordered, syrup canned, activities organized, sap house cleaned. But it’s not until the week before that anything can really go into place. For the staff the week before is a busy one; regular activities still have to happen despite the planning and preparation for the event.

But, as things do, everything fell into place perfectly this year. There were a big number of volunteers ready to help on the weekend, the staff coordinated well with each other, and the visitors came, and then more arrived…and then more!

We originally estimated that we would get approximately five hundred visitors this year, which is more than we’ve had in the past couple of years. Better to over buy than to not have enough food, right?

But we certainly didn’t expect to see 660 people show up! Wow!

The energy was awesome. Even on Saturday, the windier, snowier day of the two, people still trekked to the farm, visited with the lambs, enjoyed story time, and poking around the barns.

Many families went up to the  Small Animal Barn to see the newborn lambs.
Many families went up to the Small Animal Barn to see the newborn lambs.

Sometimes Merck Forest feels like such a big place, with so few people that take advantage of it, that when we get an event people attend en masse, it is just a great feeling.

Next year, we will better plan for a big turnout, and hope that all of you return for another great celebration.

Pictures are posted on facebook. If you took some photos during the celebration and would like to share them, email Please, state if you would like your name associated with the photo.

It was a little too chilly to sit out on the deck this year, but the sun and blue sky were just beautiful.