Continued Maintenance

Carolyn Fixing Mower

Carolyn was in the field office several weeks ago ordering a new piece for the mower. Part of the connection to the tractor had fallen off in the field and gone missing.

Last Friday, parts all in order, Carolyn worked on putting the mower back together. She was so excited about the mechanics of it—”so simple, yet so effective.”

It’s gratifying to watch someone take pride in the maintenance of a piece of equipment they use. Somehow, that process of caring and building (or rebuilding) creates a deeper connection to place—no matter if it is fixing a part of the tractor used several times a week, or brushing down the horses after they have spent the morning pulling the wagon.

The mower is fixed now. Becca is using it today to mow part of the Hundred Acre Meadow—a grant-funded wildlife habitat at the top of Old Town Road.