Cabins Booked

Spruce Cabin in the winter.
Spruce Cabin in the winter.

Several posts ago, it was mentioned how snow wakes this place up. Merck Forest sees many visitors in the later summer months through foliage, and then there is a quiet time until right before the winter holidays. As soon as the ski resorts open up, and there is snow on the ground here, we are busy again through the winter.

The cabins are a huge draw during the winter. In fact, the weekends are booked from now until the end of March (there is a waiting list though, in case anyone is interested). If there is snow on the ground campers will cross-country ski or snowshoe in to the cabin, often pulling their gear on sleds. If they are lucky, someone will have stayed at the cabin before them and there might be warm embers in the woodstove.

Last weekend was incredibly chilly. Campers reported back to the Visitor Center that they had a great time, the snow was spectacular, and they set alarms to wake them up every few hours to stoke the stove. It takes effort to stay warm in conditions so cold. But it is worth all the effort, and all the gear, to see a beautiful sunset across the snowy fields, to find the tracks of animals you didn’t even know had passed before you, and to while-away the dark evenings with a brightly burning wood stove, hot chocolate, and stories.

Let us know your cabin stories. How was your weekend? What did you see, or what didn’t you see that made for a great getaway?