“…and feel free to sample some maple syrup…”

“…and feel free to sample some maple syrup…”

…That’s what Amy usually says when a group comes into the Visitor Center, inquiring about the production of Vermont-certified organic maple syrup here on site.

Amy Holding a Half Gallon of Syrup

Six months ago, our staff and apprentices were working hard in the below freezing temperatures of the sugar bush to tap sugar maple trees, and boil the sap into syrup in the sugar house.

Throughout the rest of the year, Amy works with the apprentices to take the syrup, which is stored in 35 gallon drums, and run it through the filter press and canner.

This process is STICKY, to say the least—but it’s the only way for visitors to be able to take home a pint.

Now that the holidays are approaching again, the syrup sells more quickly. Amy runs orders from the online store and sends those orders all over the nation. Several went to California just last week, and someone from Alaska called the other day to ask about the syrup!

We’re so grateful that people from all over the country love our syrup, and come back year after year for the ample liquid. “It’s the best, it’s definitely the best,” we hear them say.

Maple Leaf syrup containers make great gifts!

And none of our staff disagrees, especially after we get to lick our fingers clean at the end of the process (don’t worry, we won’t contaminate your gallon)!

Merck Forest makes and sells its own maple syrup year round from the Joy Green Visitor Center.  We offer Fancy, Grade A Medium and Dark Amber, and Grade B.

Pick up a quart next time you visit for you or a gift… and, while you are in the store, feel free to sample some of the syrup!