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People across the U.S. seek Merck's Certified Organic Syrup! We make consistently flavorful and delicious syrup in all grades. In Vermont, maple syrup is sold in 5 grades. Each is delicious with its own unique characteristics and flavor. All syrups have the same thickness (darker syrups are not thicker than lighter syrups).

A Guide to the Different Grades:
  • Grade A Fancy: The lightest, most mild maple flavor, most consistent flavor. Good for desserts or mild foods.
  • Grade A Medium Amber: A somewhat stronger flavor than fancy. Great on pancakes and waffles. A very good all-around syrup. Good choice for a gift to those less accustomed to maple syrup.
  • Grade A Dark Amber: A strongly flavored syrup well suited to pancakes for those who like a more intense flavor.
  • Grade B: A very strong syrup, best of all grades for baking and cooking. Also delicious on pancakes.
  • Grade C: Commercial Grade, not available in retail markets.

We regret that we are unable to ship maple syrup to post office boxes.
Please contact us for shipping information and rates outside the United States. 1-802-394-7836

Members: Please call us at 802-394-7836 if you have forgotten your discount code

Grade B syrup sold out.

Vermont Maple Syrup
Gallon at $60.00 + $18 S&H
Member Code:
Select Grade
Half Gallon at $50.00 + $14 S&H
Member Code:
Select Grade
Quart at $24.00 + $12 S&H
Member Code:
Select Grade
Pint at $14.50 + $10 S&H
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Wool Blankets from Merck Forest

100% virgin wool blankets woven from regionally-sourced wool, these soft and cozy blankets make a great addition to your home.

Twin (60" x 90") - $140.00 (+ $20 S&H)
Color/Pattern: Member Code:
Queen (78" x 104") - $175.00 (+ $20 S&H)
Color/Pattern: Member Code:
Greenspun Wool from Merck Sheep
Wool is a natural, renewable product with a combination of practical and aesthetic characteristics unmatched by synthetic materials. Our fibers are washed and spun with vegetable-based soaps and oils rather than petroleum-based products. No chemicals are used to bleach, shrink-proof, or moth-proof. From Merck Forest's flock of Corriedale/Romney sheep. A skein is approximately 250 yards and weighs 4 ounces.

$12.75 a skein (shipping included)
Color Member Code:
Merck Forest & Farmland Ball Cap
Sturdy ball caps of high quality cotton. Subtle brown and green earth tones embroidered with a green Merck Forest and Farmland Center logo. Perfect for men, women and children, these caps adjust to fit any size. Featuring Cool-Crown mesh lining to promote cooling.

$25.00 (shipping included)
Member Code:
Merck Forest and Farmland Center Signature Wool Flap Hat
Merck Forest and Farmland Center logo frame is made for us by Maple Landmark Woodcraft in Middlebury Vermont. The frame is crafted from birch with a natural finish and laser engraved with the Merck name and logo. Photo size is 4 x 6.

$20.00 (shipping included)
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George VanHook Plein air artist, George Van Hook, has been painting through the seasons at Merck Forest & Farmland Center. An award-winning painter residing in Cambridge, NY, Van Hook's style brings an immediacy to the surroundings he depicts—his style engaging and accessible. Van Hook's paintings have been exhibited throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan, and his 16-painting body of work completed at Merck Forest & Farmland Center showcases the bucolic landscapes and working farmscapes through changing seasons.

All proceeds from the sale of these works go to support MFFC's educational programming for regional students. As Merck Forest & Farmland Center expands its educational programs and outreach, tuition through the 2012-2013 academic year is completely donation-based, making this experience accessible to all students throughout the region. Please call 802-394-7836 to arrange viewing.
Morning Sun by George VanHook
Morning Sun Touches the Harwood Barn, 12" x 16"
$1850 (shipping included)
Member Code:
A Crossroads and a Vista by George VanHook
A Crossroads and a Vista, 12" x 16"
$1850 (shipping included)
Member Code:
Springtime Through the Trees  by George VanHook
Springtime Through the Trees, 12" x 16"
$1850 (shipping included)
Member Code:
Summer Afternoon  by George VanHook
Summer Afternoon, 12" x 16"
$1850 (shipping included)
Member Code:

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